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Project Summary

Legless Runaway is designed to be as simple as original. This game is the refreshing experimental platformer that everyone was waiting for. It is not finished yet, but a demo is already available.

The goal

In Legless Runaway, you will play as a tree that must escape from a bunch of lumberjacks. But there is an issue : trees do not have legs. You will have to find another way to flee...

As a tree, your only way of consistently moving is to clone yourself away by throwing a seed in the air. You can then influence the movement of the seed so it lands onto convenient grounds.

Once the seed is planted, you will be able to wait some time before you make it instantly grow into a mature tree. Here's what is at stake : if you do not wait long enough, there might be lumberjacks around the corner waiting to chop you down, but if you overwait, the seed dies. Moreover, there is a certain amount of time you have to wait as a mature tree before you can throw the next seed.


The game is played using the arrow keys only, for the sake of simplicity. In the future versions, we migh add the space bar for QTEs.


LeglessRunaway_demo_Windows.zip 18 MB
LeglessRunaway_demo_MacOS.zip 19 MB
LeglessRunaway_demo_Linux.zip 18 MB

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